Sometimes…you are the “back up plan”

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 embracing elephant

Sometimes it feels like I’m the last choice,

Like, you know, if something’s going down God says:

“well who do we have over there?”

And an angel answers:

“there’s an Anthony Gomez over there Lord.

Ungh…you’re kidding right?

Is there no one else?”

“He IS one of ours Lord.

Yea…don’t remind me,

Alright send him but as soon as back up is available be sure to send them too”

Ever feel this way?

Like as if you were not God’s first choice in a matter?

Of course it’s only our own doubts and insecurities speaking.

Here comes one now…


One what?


Don’t know yet, only that they are “sent.”

How do I know?

I don’t know the “how” just know that I know and trust in what is being shown.

“He loves you, you know?!”


(“Do I know you, I was just going to ask you…

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Two Days at Sychar

She ran to tell them

Of the man who met her at the well

In mid-day’s heat

As if for her alone

He came to tell

That she was through with daily thirst

And shameful gossip-thrust

How did He know

Those desperate years of

License and of lust?

A prophet, true

And one who spoke

Of waters to impart

No mocker He


Contentment for her heart.

So off she ran

“Come see the man

Who knows my every deed

Forgives it all,

The big, the small

And leaves my conscience freed.

Yes drink of Him

The fresh supply of

Spirit without end.”

They came, they heard.

They took His word

And hailed Him as their friend.



Oh brother men, have ye received this blessed gift, with its fresh spontaneousness, its inner hidden blessedness, its eternal timeless essence, its power of entire satisfaction? If not, why not seek forthwith from Him by faith a boon so inexpressibly precious, to have which were to make wildernesses flower and deserts sing? (F. B. Meyer, 1847-1929, The Life of Love: John’s Gospel)

Tales from the dessert tray: A macaroon on a dessert island

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No more and no less than those others

i bear no chocolate glazing

i harbor no cream filling

the last to be chosen

cast aside…

by those who cannot make up their minds

sitting in a lonely corner on a pastry tray

Someone is reaching out to me

i am filled with excitement and anticipation

“oh just wait till you taste my toasted coconut,

savor my comforting, sweet chewy goodness…”

But oh my goodness!

Again the more colorful win the day

Perhaps it’s true what I’ve heard say

“some people eat more with their eyes

than any other way”

i’m not much to look at i know

a little swirl

a drab brown and tan

but i like to think that even in some small sense

i’m part of a bigger plan

How can i compete with petit’ fours



diminutive lady fingers and swiss rolls

Suddenly i hear:


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