Guardian Angels-O.E.W.

When the benefit of doubt
has run out
and recidivism…
in and of itself a prison
Crying wolf! wolf!
in the dark
but no one is listening
eyes aglare creep forward
Fangs glisten
the night sundered by a howl
all eyes on the alpha male on the hill
framed in moonglow speaks
“leave them be
pass them by
these have been chosen to live
make a way
allow them to pass
there is much easier prey to be had”
“These bear the scent
from whence they have passed
and by Whom they have been sent
my keen senses do not lie
the hand upon them
is known to me”
“They no longer walk in their own will
not yet marked for the kill
They are brethren
of believers
in the Creator of all things”
“The faint scent of fear around them
but a vestige, of a trace, of an iota,
within Grace
a seal of safe passage
a message hidden within
They cannot yet see for themselves”
“It would not be well with us
if we did them harm
let them pass
and see them safely through”
Psalm 91: 10, 11
10 no harm will overtake you,
    no disaster will come near your tent.
11 For he will command his angels concerning you
    to guard you in all your ways;
Anthony Gomez, Moncks Corner, South Carolina
(Image by Ron DiCianni)


On the Monday following Easter weekend, and upon Karl’s insistence, Ted went out for coffee and a talk. The old German parishioner had sensed that Ted was tired and a little discouraged. Perhaps a lot discouraged.

“Zo da message yestaday had been goot, ant hit all da main points. But vat’s up Ted? You sheem down.”

Ted really trusted this old fellow. There had been prayer vigils and many house visitations together. He was tired. He felt that so often the people of the church just needed to be weaned off his supply. Did they spend their own time and quiet moments in the means of Grace? Prayer. Scripture. Heartfelt discussion. And don’t forget simply waiting upon God for His input.

He felt that he would burst if he had to attend one more fellowship meal or social night.

Sometimes he would breeze by a broadcast of one of the American mega-churches on television. They had the numbers, the happy faces, the publishing and recording branches. But you know it was largely ear-tickling and he knew it.

Forget the infatuation with the do’s and dont’s of Christian Living. Let’s just draw closer to Jesus and His Gospels, and receive as if by absorption, His life, love and sense of mission to lost, hurting ones. When might the River flow with Ted’s bunch? And where were the youth? And where were the anxious new faces on any Sunday morning? And where the brokenness in the flock?

Ted really didn’t know where to begin, but he took a stab at it.

…Forty-five minutes later Karl put his withered old carpenter’s hand on the Pastor’s on the coffee table.

“Zo, mein friend. Rezolve dat it ishn’t up to you. No, you are not anybotty’s canal horse here. Ztay close to da Mashta. Shine. In da goot report tank God. In da bat report pray to God. Use da name ov Jesus mit joy and fear, often use it. Ant da people vill draw closer. Ant da people vill pick up da reins. Amen.”

“Unshakable Hope” (Moving Forward)

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This is to you

Who suffer sorrows, pains and losses

Who struggle with afflictions in their many forms

Whose contours are molded outside of society’s norms

Seeming misfits who do not shirk nor hesitate when volunteers are sought

Who understand the price paid for what was bought

Take a step forward against a gale

Answer a call in a storm

Selflessly set sail

To those unhaunted by the past


In the “now”

You who are a living inspiration to others

You whom The Lord has favored

And whom the enemy cannot smother

You who show and boast in Jesus by your walk

How great the witness of those “forgiven”

Who continue on physically impaired

Yet only see and tell of the Love of The Lord

Without impairment in expressivity of gratitude

Who tell of God’s grace and mercy

How blessed are they?



On eagle’s wings…

you soar!

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Originally posted on Salvoes in Faith:

There was a young student in ministry who took a walk with Smith Wigglesworth. Smith was sporting a dashing new hat. He was a rather fancy dresser. They stopped on a bridge, leaning on the rail to discuss some point of scripture. The wind got hold of Smith’s hat and pitched it into the rapid waters. He had no immediate outcry. He turned to his young friend with a wry smile and said, “We’d best be getting back to the house. With all that lies before me over the next few days, I dare not catch cold.”

Calm. Prepared. Wise. Full of Bible. Full of Spirit-harvested compassion and power. This man’s legacy defies the usual impression of “Pentecostal”. So many have images of manifestation gone wild, of excitement, of raucous worship. That is not Pentecost. That is wishful thinking and flesh.

The calm of Galilee; the smile of the kindly…

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Thinking About Death

Originally posted on Unshakable Hope:

This is my first post with my new eye-tracking computer. This computer is a real blessing; it feels like I’m making a fresh start, like I’ve been given a new lease on life. How ironic it is that I felt that this post should be about death.

When I was a kid, I had a friend I’ll call “Bubba.” (There were no kids called Bubba where I grew up so I figure that’s a safe name to go with). Bubba was a high-maintenance friend that never called before coming over and always seemed to show up at my house when I was in the middle of doing something important, like watching Gilligan’s Island. He was hyper and never stopped jabbering on about stuff I wasn’t the least bit interested in. No matter how disinterested I acted, he would stay for hours and would even invite himself to dinner. To my immature and…

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