I can think of 2 popular Easter films that show Simon of Cyrene carrying the Cross with Jesus and not instead of Jesus. I suppose that there are some theological issues. No one else could possibly accomplish what Jesus did at Calvary. It was His destiny to be the sinless, spotless Lamb slain for the… More Co-Climbers

Revelation Nineteen

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Down He comes With hosts of white-robed Saints a-riding Time has lapsed For Babylon’s charade Wicked thrones And merchants brought To judgment Wearers of that Godless brand Dismayed. No more shame Assaults our Prince of Meekness. Now He comes In triumph With His reign. Darkness flees He speaks and Armies crumble.…

Boaz Was Waiting

Years have been good And swift Tempo set by weather Conditions of soil Business and counsel At the Gate. A wife? Missed that one Had some image Of the turtle dove Incomparable But never met her. Others in town Have two or three Now comes this precious widow Ruth of Moab (Gentile) And Naomi could… More Boaz Was Waiting


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It’s hard again And the loneliness Abrades the skin and soul I am yours With assurance I am whole But not today The saints seem All so far away And claiming victory Even in the smallest things While I doubt much And fear the strokes That chastening…

Rolled Off the Line

Trusty old beauty Saw a lot of miles Traversed many states Caught the attention Of surprised good folk. But now a change A stopping In memorium Graffiti¬†will come Will suggest A more purposeful time Remembered with thanks. Note: I guess that this is my way of saying that I will post no more new material… More Rolled Off the Line

Revelation Taking Root

Sometimes words are said But meaning comes up missing Listeners scratch their heads Or just move on apace. Deeper truth is there Than meets the understanding Whether now to soft-sell Or hold on firm in grace? Spirit gave the words And Teacher just relayed them Precious puzzling package Must wait a richer clay. May we… More Revelation Taking Root