Ordinary Afternoon

A and W I am here for a break People filling faces Saturday banter The shopping done Playoff football minutes away President Trump skuttlebut Who’d a thought? Mid January warm spell. A men’ s group Over at one table Topics wide ranging And that’s good. I am pausing and writing What I have in this … More Ordinary Afternoon

Hope of Salvation

To thank Him And see all the gems Of grace unfolding To bow low And know His full Attention holding To let each thought Be covered clean With bright hope Of salvation To lift high pleas To please His charge Of Christ for every nation. Such is prayer. And such the path Of journey to … More Hope of Salvation


She comes at dawn No clear idea How to bless Battered remains Of her Teacher. This was to be the day When death was bested. He had promised They had hardly heard. The stress of things gone wrong Very wrong Had clouded all thinking All hope. Mercy had been Made to appear Menacing Haughty robed … More Magdalene