“Can’t even imagine New beginnings Flip of the page Morning ice sparkles Matins ring at Saint Agnes And no paper delivery. Last night lacked real joy Holiday lights soon Down everywhere Frosted streets quiet For the thirty-first. And it’s back to work Back to school Kids’ homework A little trickier And Dad’s input … More Possibilities

Place of Agreement

  Agreement Is the target That we hope for All these years But the place Is full of bickering One-upsmanship And tears And the plague infects Our leaders And reporters And the schools It suggests Nothing is certain Nothing stable Ever rules. But a STABLE Holds the answer Thrilling new life In a child And … More Place of Agreement

En Passant

Just passing But eager to absorb Some things of life And common ground Common I ask? They are French And there have been tensions Leaving our Dominion? Taking with them Language and history Hockey and cuisine Music and colour Celine and the Rocket’s memory But then they thought again And new dialogue And new engagement … More En Passant

Song For the Meek

Beautifies the meek, yes He does this oh so well Dismisses doubters’ ranklings And all their hate dispels A grace that marches calmly Through “everyday’s” demands And hugs and uplifts Tenderly With carpenter’s strong hands. He speaks a view celestial A home for all oppressed Where all who hold on bravely Find comfort, kin and … More Song For the Meek

Til the Morning

  Sing little heart Yes even when you’re hurting Make breath an arrow Let fly at Satan’s plot. His plan despair And faithless disconcerting Hints at unworthy Child, even when you’re not. You have the voice And faith and memories lifting Calling to mind Deliverance of the past. Sing of God’s grace And closeness in the … More Til the Morning