To Death, and Why?

 “Love you to death” A quaint little saying Core to our faith In Christ’s full obeying Died for His friends A horrid blood-letting Debt fully paid His Cross, ransom getting Died for His foes Though they poured the hate on Laughed at His lot Yet some heard the grace song. What my response To mercy’s … More To Death, and Why?

Suffering Bishop

  He tangoed with the world And they loved him from the pulpit Spoke the layman’s tongue Pacing oft their aisles close by Used to love the Greek And its marvelous precision Used to woo his pipe As the smoke rose to the sky Had a faithful wife Who would laugh and thus relieve him … More Suffering Bishop

Ahab’s Troth

 I stick to my purpose We swore a crew’s troth That we would use life and lung Aye use them both To follow the white whale To this eastern sea And find him and slay him Where e’er he might be. For he is not natural A right godly steed For lords of the dark … More Ahab’s Troth


  I stand here In this place of former sorrows Where rain had drenched the trees And stung my eyes But now the sky is blue And clouds have passed on And brilliant golden glory Meets my surprise The ground is sure My Lord through all Upheld my safety And loving ones He nurtured just the same … More Clearing