Staying Clean

I met him outside the clinic for psychiatric out-patients. He was sitting in the little garden alcove having a smoke. Before long we each identified the Christ in the other. It happens like that you know. The sheep know the Shepherd’s voice and they also get to recognize each other. He seemed like the out-spoken… More Staying Clean


Eight years out now And stayin tame Stayin low Kilt a man over a woman Kilt her next Dese hands, dese crushin hands Den came twenty-seven years Indiana guest Locked in my cell Locked in my head Locked in my heart and hope. Don’t neva rock the Man Don’t neva speak out But crack a… More Socrates

Is It a Stretch?

Never been forgotten Vision by the River Hinting God’s own Glory Grasping prophet’s heart. Many wings were beating And loud praises uttered Could one delve the message God would there impart? One the face of lion Two the ox of service Three the face of mankind Four the eagle’s gaze. Could it be Christ’s Gospel Bringing God… More Is It a Stretch?

Not Optional

It seemed like the cream-puff option A trip to my knees Petitions launched upward To Someone, Somewhere While life and duty Pressed forward and inward And anger and self-pity Almost room-mates. But that Saturday In the workshop Knuckles rapped by a slipped wrench Curses uttered The “one day off” Becoming tiresome. Then two words Out… More Not Optional

Breakfast Grace

Lord we gather Dad has gone May his new job Come along May these children Love their school Give their teachers Courteous rule May they learn To heart’s content Treasure scripture What it meant. May I find When all is done Just a moment You alone Just a word For these I love And your comfort… More Breakfast Grace