Hand of Restraint

A Hand protects

A hand detains

And we are tossing in the mix.

We have God’s Word

We see the Cloud

We know that He

Is strong to fix.

So why this fret

His Timing yet

Will bring the

Best outcome

What Moses says

Seems best for Now

We wait and trust

Our promised Kingdom.



Would have liked

To stay without end

Comes a conflict

A new trend

And cards get shuffled

For another deal.

Friends move on

Employments change

Dreams evaporate

Days re-arrange.

One might ask

What here is certain

Assured and real?

Tempt to fret

Good luck charms get

Prayers that wander

Through a host

Of strange “what-ifs”.

Wanting solid, sure

And safely

Not a bunch of nasty tiffs.

BUT let’s stop and

Seize the One Fact

So encouraging you


We are ever

Yes Friend, ever

In God’s Hand.

Darkness in the Name of Light

This sort of thing

Must not go on

His lessons are so odd

He woos the Crowd

He rakes the proud

With His accounts of God.

He even calls

Him Father

A scandal seems to me

This dusty Wanderer

Makes the claim

Of present Deity.

It’s just too free and open

No hook of guilt applied

And We the Council

Must step in

To silence, crucify.

Our place of power

Is needful

Our rules and regs the best

To quickly act

And set Him back

And scheme for His arrest.

Any Kind of Music, It Seems

The Dutch in Maastricht. HHHMMM, not just tulips.

My Father had a stop in air travel once in Amsterdam. A few hours to stroll. Flowers everywhere. Canals. Smiling open-faced people.

Holland…I am also reminded of a neighbour across the street. Mr. Sweeton. He had been an officer with the Canadian Army involved in the liberation of Holland from Nazi Germany. He contended with a bad leg for the rest of his life. Casualty of combat, I thought. He and his wife Bernice would holiday often in that country. Thankful hearts all for Canadian intervention.

(I understand that annually our capital city Ottawa receives a gift of one million tulip bulbs. May-June in our City of canals will be breathtaking in colour.)