What’s Your Prop?

‘Go and sell your many possessions Give to the poor Come and follow me.’ Nothing more said The “rich young ruler” Allowed to depart. And Jesus ever the gentleman No pushing or pleading For a desired result. The inhibiting prop So very clear: Love of acquisitions. So what’s your prop? What’s mine? Career? Reputation? Hobbies… More What’s Your Prop?

True Majesty

Show me a king And one without compromise One who is truly In touch with the poor Training their children And filling their pantries Bringing real justice Like none seen before. Show me a king Who can see through all postures Scorning the bribe And the fawning of frauds Quick to decide ‘Gainst the trickster or… More True Majesty

With Salvation

I will clothe your priests With Salvation Not innovation Or lifestyle Or anecdotes End time observation Or summer vacation. Yes, clothed with it Reminiscent of it Fragrant with it And little else. For there is the joy Discovering plenteous redemption Not earned Not learned But graciously laid out For wearing and sharing. New clothes, righteous. In… More With Salvation

Folded Neatly

The stone was huge Yet rolled away And entrance showed Not resting place But brand new day. No upset there No tossing to and fro’ No thievery Or disrespect To last remains. But death shrouds folded As mother might Some clothes outgrown The child moved on To greater things Til then unknown. And loved ones… More Folded Neatly

The Clay Considers

Not much of a reader Not much of a saint Have tried meditation But clearly I can’t. Walked down that straight aisle And pledged a fresh start But memories still haunt me And torment my heart. I see the True Vine But vaguely I guess Still Jesus you graft me And promise your best. Not A grade… More The Clay Considers

Aligned with Power

  When the neighbourhood bullies made a showing it was always good to know that your older brother was aware and could get VERY corrective. Times changed and there would be team-mates, class-mates or work-mates who would lend support or a sounding board in the event of doubts or difficulties. But then a situation would… More Aligned with Power