Though the Mountains Be Shaken

Though the Mountains Be Shaken

Arising from Corona Virus days. Offered by Doug Blair, Waterloo ON


March 21, 2020

Has it topped off yet?

Will our norm return?

As we isolate

For our friends we yearn.

And the internet

Both a friend and foe.

Hope and prayers come forth

While the mess they show.

We must separate

Bring that risk curve down

While the health care pros

Beautify our town.

And so many serve

With a newfound zeal

See compassion show

At the check-out till.

Neighbours rally now

In their heart of hearts

See them wave and smile

While they stay apart.

(Photo by talented nature photographer and FB friend Steve Gosser)



Taking This Hill


March 20, 2020

It’s such a mess

This fix we’re in

But we shall not despair

For skilful minds

And willing hands

Are working on repair.

And we are told

Refrain from crowds

And wash and wash

Dear child

And send a note

Or use the phone

To uplift some beguiled.

Community takes on a twist

In prayers and willing still

As agencies of heart and hope

Say “we will take this hill”.



Eavesdropping on God


I can do this all day.

As the world turns around.

Night-time dreams elevate

The Dark Continent.

Busy housewife senses my touch

As she wipes a teary cheek

In Wisconsin.

(Baby won’t stop crying from colic.)

Store owner prays in Manchester.

Small fire and water damage

To most of his next-season stock.

A robin falls from

A wind-swept nest

In the bush outside Timmins.

Young Jason with the game leg

Hides in a driveway

From those bullies

Who hound him after school.

Marjorie talks to Fred in his photograph

On the dresser at the old home.

I bring her warm memories

Of their first summer together

And the good news of baby number one.

Sarah…she grew up to be an optometrist.

Traveling to refugee camps

In that Dark Continent.

I love this.

It is running as it should.

Daily I am discovered

By more honest seekers.

Jesus, Son, we are doing it

Wait ’til we get ’em all together.

Seems just around the corner.


A New Love


They’re Singing


They’re singing and the place

Takes on new glow

The web speaks doom to gobblers

But we God’s Source still know.

He shows us all His cycles

Fixed in place

The lark brings back

The smile to every face

And hope comes with

The greening of the sod

The crocus and the daffodil

Expressing His fresh thought

That Sun and Moon

Still do their parts each day

And we prove true companions

As we pray.