She comes at dawn No clear idea How to bless Battered remains Of her Teacher. This was to be the day When death was bested. He had promised They had hardly heard. The stress of things gone wrong Very wrong Had clouded all thinking All hope. Mercy had been Made to appear Menacing Haughty robed … More Magdalene

Gnashing at Goodness

Jonathan Considers Spirit of Anti-Christ I don’t understand My Father is King Many great accomplishments Huge army Presently much ahead Of the Philistines. And David helped In all of this Oh how he helped. Young shepherd hero With lusty tales of the wilderness The lion and the bear. And then there was Goliath Not even … More Gnashing at Goodness

Photo Going Back

He stood relaxed With arm around sister Before the motel’s Golden autumn garden Smiling unconsciously For the photo. Trip to Thunder Bay Big rock, big forest Big water and legend. Couple o’ years’ college For the young aviator Sister Lauren All for his success Dreams coming true Thanks to many. Who would have anticipated? Jobs, … More Photo Going Back