I stand here In this place of former sorrows Where rain had drenched the trees And stung my eyes But now the sky is blue And clouds have passed on And brilliant golden glory Meets my surprise The ground is sure My Lord through all Upheld my safety And loving ones He nurtured just the same… More Clearing


Up before dawn And needing a cup Writing to do And thoughts to collect I saw her alone In corner so quiet Nursing her beverage And bruised self-respect. No never eye contact Though smiles I had tried Her life at a stand-still And doubtless she’d cried. Was it a quarrel? Apartment now lost? Some friend turned deceiver?… More Frozen

Not Last Chance

Last chance And again stuff in your drawer Cardboard box and talks And sadly out the door. Seemed right Many Friday nights Part of the fun Dismiss the shame. But doors are closed Drugs by your name. You curse the sky And wonder why I seem so far. Once teenage pain A crowd insane Made what… More Not Last Chance

Because He Came…

We have confident approach to God We know Him as Merciful Father We expect that there will be recompense for all suffering We may fall but we will not stay down We are learning to defer charitably to others We have resources to comfort and to heal others We refrain from judging others We establish… More Because He Came…