Breakfast Grace

Lord we gather Dad has gone May his new job Come along May these children Love their school Give their teachers Courteous rule May they learn To heart’s content Treasure scripture What it meant. May I find When all is done Just a moment You alone Just a word For these I love And your comfort… More Breakfast Grace

A Muted Voice

To have something to say And no one to listen No time to pause And put down their toys. Advertised paths That go round in circles Meanwhile I offer From Reason’s pure voice. Speaking of Jesus (There’s nothing in my hand) How He has felt of All of life’s pain Still He burst through Those… More A Muted Voice


Oh, they love the Lord. Can remember the circumstances of His rescue of them. Worship regularly in the Sunday hour. Share the peace. Shake hands and smile. But what’s distinctive? Do they bake a pie, offer a ride, deliver a meal, baby-sit, lend some money? Well, the world, the unchurched, do all such things in… More Parishioners