Stronger Against the Wind


Gospel musician Steve Curtis Chapman has a lyric that struck me this morning:

“What is this fire that grows stronger against the wind?”

It is the fire of the Gospel Hope. That hope survived the catacombs and Coliseum; the conventicles of the Scottish Covenant in open air at peril of the King’s horsemen; the atrocities of the Counter-Reformation; the reproach of the Anabaptists or Huguenots; the gas ovens of holocaust Europe; the “cultural” revolution of Mao; the enslavement of southern Sudan.

It is evident in the heroism of exiled Samuel Rutherford in his correspondence; of William Carey in the threatening idolatry of the sub-continent; of David Livingstone in East African jungles plagued with malaria and ignorance; of Dostoyevsky in the labour camp of Siberia; of Corrie Ten Boom in the Nazi death machine; of Mother Theresa in the Calcutta corridors of neglect.

There is a better day coming, and a time when a just and compassionate God judges all oppression and vindicates all suffering for righteousness sake. He soothes every pain, heals every memory, re-unites every heart of faith and fulfills every dream of grace.


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