Sound of Many Waters

I had gone with a group by bus to see the evangelist at the large auditorium in the big city.

There was much excitement en route as people chatted and joined frequently to sing the old praise choruses. You could tell that the hosting couple from the church were delighted at the way the day was unfolding.

The bus got parked and we joined orderly crowds moving inside.

The early half of the program was devoted to corporate song. I looked across the auditorium to the seating galleries opposite and holding no less than 3000. I paused for a moment at the remarkable unity of the scene. All faces smiling and singing. All hands clapping. A noticeable swaying from side to side.

And then the sound of it hit me. The words of the song seemed to diminish in their significance as a pulsating, whooshing cadence came forth.

Yes indeed out of the singing of this joyful assembly came a sound “as the voice of many waters”. (Revelation 14: 2, 3)

An amazing foretaste! I will never forget it.


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