Not Wanting to Sound Formulaic, But….

“God, I know that I have sinned and deserve your  righteous judgment. I believe that your Son, Jesus volunteered to pay the death  penalty for the sins of men, women and children who would trust in Him. He died  and was buried in a tomb. But according to the prophecies of scripture, He was  raised from the dead, glorified and lives now in Heaven. His blood made  redemption for sin. I ask to be saved through this, your only way of salvation.  Saved from continuing in wrongful thoughts and behaviour. Saved from the  ultimate judgment which you will impose on those who reject this gift. Thank you  for eternal life. Thank you for blessing my inner being with the Holy Ghost and  His wisdom, comfort and guidance. Thank you for establishing your Son as my  priest and shepherd. Take control of my life, God. Use me in your glorious  plans, and ultimately bring me into your presence. This I ask in Jesus’  name.”

Now, these words have no magic. Without the right  preparation of heart one prays in vain. One must first be drawn by the  convicting influence of the Spirit. Given eyes to see the worth of Jesus’ blood  at Calvary. Made ready to repent. One enters in, prays, confesses and gives  thanks. The transaction is accomplished. The Good Shepherd, Jesus, rejoices to  see another lamb safely brought into the fold.

And Jesus said, “It is finished.”


2 thoughts on “Not Wanting to Sound Formulaic, But….

  1. This is a solid formula and statement of faith we have and hold dear. The supernatural fact of God and His sovereignty over His creation… This is what changed the world; Redemption through the blood of Christ for those that use the gift of free will to believe. It is finished indeed…

    1. Saying the sinners’ prayer. I remember a man came to our workplace. All smiles. Evidently evangelical. Gave a supervisor a tract. Prayed with him out in our steel yard. Scattershot evangelism. My workmate was curious, cooperative, but not at all ready. Was that a step forward or a stumbling block to the real goods? Patience, fishers of men, patience.

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