Unmistakable Call

The Call of Matthew by James Tissot

Could it be that simple Lord?

One day embroiled in customary affairs

Same people, same routine

And nothing likely to arise

Out of the ordinary.

Hoping that it might.

Dreaming occasionally of the exotic

Really doing something of reward

Something that might bless

Something using special talents

Hidden in the basement

Long time now

Out of unbelief and discouragement.

And then you come by

More aware of my everyday

Than I ever imagined.

You look at me with honest eyes

Nothing fleeting or token about it.

You see inside.

I know that you do

And you remain hopeful, optimistic

Could there be some plan

Some eventuality way beyond my ken?

And you speak

Without any hint of reticence.

You see what I do

The coarseness of it, the dullness.

But yet you speak:

“Levi, follow me.”


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