Nothing to Offer

You have nothing to offer unless you take Jesus along. The real agape and compassion are His. The service that you try to drum up on your own will fizzle out. Romans 8 makes it clear repeatedly that works in the flesh cannot please God, and will not accomplish His redemptive purposes.

Sounds pretty harsh, doesn’t it? Certainly a lot of charitable mileage is put out by well-intentioned people of the world. But I am talking here about blessings of eternal consequence.

The Minister must be constantly soaking. He/she must live and breathe those four Gospels; must go back to the well frequently; must distrust self-effort; must assimilate more of the life force of the Saviour. If the demands of daily life or of Church program become overly taxing the result is leakage, split motives and loss of spiritual power. It may take some time for the loss of momentum to become apparent; the declension; the blurring of vision.

But be certain that a radical adjustment will soon be the prescription. Smith Wigglesworth once said that believers expected that when the emergency came they would have time to pray to be made ready. He chose rather to exercise himself that he was always ready. The great harvest came.


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