Christ and Coffee

I’m sitting in a public place

My friend across the table

We come here to unload our hearts

As often as we’re able.

And talk around us

Comes to film or sports

Of last night’s viewing.

And others catch up on old times

While muffins they are chewing.

But we have brought

The Book of books

And spread it out to share now

And questions from the week gone by

Are tabled by us there now.

Of Christ who is the Man of men

Of courage come to tatters

Of Spirit Comfort soaked inside

Of God alone Who matters.

And others just perhaps may pause

For this uncommon meeting

And give to Grace another thought

A hungry heart’s glad greeting.


3 thoughts on “Christ and Coffee

  1. Steven, if you watched the short video you would see that I am encouraging people to express their hope in Christ right out there in the marketplace so that the un-churched might hear something about redemption, and perhaps become curious about “doing business” with Jesus.

  2. “Doing business” how prophetic that this gripping term caught my attention recently in Pastor Joe’s “obedience pt.3, hmmm???
    How much more intriguing that a name sake of a saint “Steven” asks…hmmm?

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