The Title Deed

Jeremiah was at an all-time career low as prophet to the Southern Kingdom of Judah, Benjamin and Jerusalem. Imprisoned by officers of King Zedekiah for his words forecasting the collapse of the historic City to the siege of the Babylonians. “Traitorous talk”, they had said.

In his distress in the 32nd chapter he uttered his famous prayer: “Ah, Lord God, thou hast made the heavens and the earth by thy great power…Nothing is too difficult for thee.”

The Lord’s answer was something peculiar and unexpected. There was a piece of property available to Jeremiah as kinsman-redeemer. He was to gather the resources and to finalize the purchase in front of appropriate witnesses. This in spite of his remaining in prison, in spite of the imminent capture and exile of the Jews. The deed was to be taken by his trustworthy friend and scribe Baruch and buried in the ground in a sturdy vessel.

What did the Lord intend? Certainly for those who listened to the advice of secular leaders there was to be nothing but sword, pestilence and famine. But for those who heeded the words of God’s faithful prophet, there would be seventy years of making the best of things in a strange land, followed by righteous retribution and a return of a remnant to Jerusalem, there to lay claim again to rightful property. Jeremiah had his deed and his hope.

We have a similar deed of title hidden at the end of the Book of Revelation and awaiting the satiation of God’s vengeful right arm. Look to chapter 22 and the promise of the New Jerusalem.


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