Praying the River

Got an interesting thought from Pastor Bernie McGale of Welland (

His site explores various aspects of prayer. Spiritual warfare is a large part. Not surprising when one considers the role of a shepherd and all the risks that come to the flock both within and without.

In his consciousness the warfare was hand-to-hand and involved armour, swords and shields (the Ephesians 6 images). But then through intense prayer and dreams/meditation the emphasis shifted to the diverting of a river to overflow the enemy. A flood of love and spiritual power, if you will.

His Presbyterian congregation is “praying the river” into various community situations and situations abroad, and seeing exciting results. The Apostle Paul said that he was eager at all times to pray with the understanding (“One…two…three…now I see…logical consequences arising from specific requests); and with the spirit (something more mystical and consistent with the slowly unfolding will of God, often involving speaking in tongues). Consider 1 Corinthians 14: 15.

Only in a deepening love for Jesus and in a guileless submission as His instruments will we ever enter into this second aspect of prayers and supplications. The fruit of such warfare will go beyond our wildest expectations. Only Heaven will give us the full picture and explanation.

Another helpful insight comes in the following link:


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