Life-Changing Book…Be Bold

Can you see this image? Pretty small isn’t it. But the message is large and I wanted you to have access to it. The author, Wilford Reidt, is a minister of the Gospel and a teacher and a son-in-law to the renowned healing preacher John G. Lake. I have posted some videos on Lake and intend to do more.

In so many ways he re-iterates that Jesus is still in the healing business as well as the saving business. Chapters include the following:
2. Does God Ever Heal?
4. Does God Always Heal?
7. Chastisement and Sickness
8. Protection
10. Life Here – How Long?
11. Special Considerations and Objections (Why was the righteous man Job in so much of a mess? What was Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh? Did Luke Act as Physician to Paul? The Man Born Blind.)
13. The River of Healing

Take a special look at Matthew 8, Mark 16, John 14, Acts 10, James 5 and 1 Peter 2. I want you to see the words of life first-hand and not to nibble on my regurgitation of the message.

We must decide whether we intend to trust the words of Jesus, or the life testimony of some precious brother in the faith who waited and prayed for bodily healing but did not receive. (Can we be sure of that one’s purity of motives/faithful reception of the words of promise?).

The question of chastening always comes up and the words of Hebrews 12 and 2 Corinthians 11 (Paul’s many infirmities, so called in verse 30). The author makes it quite clear that all of those set-backs were as a consequence of persecution and the opposition and abuse of enemies of the Gospel. Although the conflict did lead to incidents of bodily pain and neglect, there were no entries in the list of physical or mental illness. When such came to a child of faith they were none other than the assault of Satan in conjunction with lack of understanding and lack of boldness in unsullied consecration.

Get the man/woman of faith to step in, voice the promises and pray in all confidence. It is likely that the sufferer is usually not in the place to do it…worn down, perplexed, handicapped by self-pity.

Elsewhere the scriptures state that the Lord is for the body and the body for the Lord. Ours is not a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Take your consecration and zealous prayer to the suffering ones and BE their faith for a healing. Who knows what may arise; what hearts may be melted?


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