My Boss Is…

The guy in front had a gray pick-up truck with a healthy covering of dust, a banged up tail-gate, two sheets of five-eighths ply in the box and a bumper sticker that read “My Boss is a Jewish Carpenter”. Pretty effective. Not the ubiquitous fish sign or some scripture verse citation, but rather a real “living in it” message.

My Boss – I claim Him as my own. I am happy to do so. He calls the shots. He has a large bank of experience. He is ultimately responsible for the success of the undertaking. I learn from Him daily, and I do not want to disappoint Him. His wages can’t be compared to anything else. They include contentment, provision, health, peace and blessed assurance.

Is – At this very moment. I claim Him and follow His lead. This is not a past experience of a position I once had. I know a good thing when I see it and I am not leaving. I’ve tried others before. No comparison.

Jewish – Don’t really see many of them in the trades these days. But my Boss would not be prouder of any other undertaking. He loves to build up and restore. In His younger days He took the necessary time to learn from the Masters of the time, and to take His knocks without ever lowering standards held long by His race, a people chosen by God for reasons best known to Him.

Carpenter – He is always talking about the project. He insists upon taking the necessary effort for a solid foundation. He is in no hurry. He is not shaken by those who mock His methods. Went through some very rough stretches. We build with Him and get closer to the blueprints with every new endeavor. Apparently there is a grand Edifice that He works on privately until the Day when His crew get to take their respective quarters at no charge. But the work and learning will always continue. Not one of us foresees a listless retirement!


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