Meeting the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit gives all the glory to Jesus. He never wants Centre Stage. He is planting Jesus capability in every yielded believer. When you think of Him, think of wisdom, compassion, meekness, service. They are all part of Love’s dynamic (Galatians 5).

One must thoroughly examine what Jesus said about the Other Comforter in His Upper Room Discourse (John 13-17).

In that great hymn Amazing Grace, John Newton gave the unforgettable lyric, “Twas Grace that taught my heart to fear, And Grace my fear relieved.” That is the work of the Spirit – convicting, comforting, conforming.

In my years of “Churchianity” I was constantly irritated by references to the Third Person of the Trinity (prayers, baptism, doxology). I knew that I had no fix on who or what He was. Perhaps some sort of collective team spirit? I was hearing nothing from the pulpit. Much about the Creator and Law-Giver God, and much about the Server and Suffering Saviour Jesus. But then there was that third name cropping up?

This ignorance and hypocrisy constituted a real stumbling block. I am so thankful that God placed in my path some friends who were unmistakably yielded to the work of the Holy Spirit. I drank up their teaching and example like a thirsty child at the church picnic. I even addressed the warning of Jesus about an unpardonable sin. That one had to do with ignoring the Spirit and minimalizing or mocking His contributions.

As a healthy respect for that Third Person began to grow I found that my thoughts were more appreciative, broken, expectant. I was being prepared for the Great Transaction – salvation.

Salvation, even that word had been a matter of hypocrisy with me. Saved from what? Church was all about becoming a better person, wasn’t it? “Things go better with Christ”. It was the Holy Spirit who gave me a right perspective on the enormous cost of the Cross. If I would only yield to the courageous Carpenter of Nazareth “something from without” would come within, effecting a new creation.

Take a moment now to consider the message in our poem “Ripped by the Passion”

May you be opened to the tidal wave of the Spirit’s love and revelation.

Note: I strongly recommend Oswald Chambers’ book “He Shall Glorify Me”


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