Ezekiel 16

In Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel

I found you
In your bloods
Puddle child
And salted your wounds
And took you home.
And raised you.
Lovely girl.
Only the best, given you
In adornment, training
My attentions, cautions
And praise.
But you grasped the hand-glass
Looked at yourself
Saw the beauties.
I gave you those beauties.
And other lovers came.
You attended to their
Idol fascination
Out of hand
Out of ear-shot.
Giving my gifts
To imposters.
Playing the harlot
And paying them for it.
They will leave.
Predators every one.
Sneering, laughing
As they turn their backs.
And your sad nakedness
You will remember
With shame.
But you have my covenant
But you have my Fathering
But you have my Husband love.
Oh Jerusalem.


2 thoughts on “Ezekiel 16

  1. The chapter in scripture shows just how hard it is to turn off God’s love. Was the prophet describing a nation, a woman, a City? The image of the crying puddle baby turned stunning woman of royalty has never left me. Thanks Friend.

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