An Observation to Blogger Friends

ABAB…it is very apparent that you like to write, and your work is appreciated. I have enjoyed some exchanges with you. I have a question: Are we simply singing to the choir in all of this? Comments and likes come from fellow bloggers. They all have their own bevy of messages in their own little colourful packages. I realize that it is important to edify the brethren, but I am afraid that most Christian blogging groups, and indeed most churches, amount to mutual admiration societies, stuck behind bricks and mortar and effecting little change on the unsaved. I venture to say that my blogs (which total now over 2300 posts) seldom bring in a stranger, other than perhaps through some interesting picture hook-up on Google Images. When I do meet an interested inquirer in the flesh and get to share Jesus, I am excited, but still skeptical as to whether any of them will take the time to check out what I have written. Bottom line – our society is rushed and impatient with little time any more for the written word. Perhaps you would comment?


7 thoughts on “An Observation to Blogger Friends

  1. Understand fully what you are saying Doug. I often feel that posting becomes carried away on a sea of anticipated ‘likes’ and ‘comments’. Is the precious message becoming lost in the flurry of daily/weekly/monthly posts? Would love to know how many unsaved souls actually read a Christian post and because of that, will one day have their feet taken from the wide path to the narrow path. I remember praying that if but one soul would be saved because of my writing I am blessed and the Lord glorified. Need to never forget that. God bless and may this message reach and touch many lives.

  2. My works speak from signal experiences and teachings since coming to Jesus in 1982. I have often thought “Oh if only someone had given me this stuff years ago, how much head butting and wrong turning I might have avoided”. And so I write and toss it out just like messages in bottles to whomsoever. Responses have come from unexpected places, and this is gratifying. You for example Liana are an Aussie. But I wonder if God Himself sees the “head-butting” path as preferable over the long term in solidifying relationship?

    1. I’m sure He doesn’t. Maybe even our blogging needs to be still at times and let the messages He gives us for others have time to be absorbed and applied to hurting lives (… from an English lady living in Australia :-)).

  3. Doug, like Floyd I think it’s a great question, I also left a rather verbose reply over at Floyd’s place. But now I’ve also found a new place to visit …

  4. I have read your comment David. Thanks. Often I have been motivated to continue posting in the realization that just one heart turned Christ-ward is worth it. Note that I said the focus is Christ and not the “should-do’s” of Christian living. Let other religions give out the lists of ethics. We dare to circulate the Man Christ Jesus and the thrilling life imparted from Him and His throne. His Matthew 28 Commission is a “going out” sort of thing. Our blogging can be a part of that…but only a part.

  5. My comment…
    I know it can be like preaching to the choir… but… I call myself a ‘quirky Christian’ because I feel like a have a ‘different’ view of Christianity and living the Christian life. I like to post things about my spirituality for other Christians [and possibly some non-Christians] to ponder about. Here is an example of one of my posts.
    I write all about these ‘different’ kinds of things on my blog and I’m hoping that non-Christians’ interest might be piqued too

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