A Walk in the Bush

So many of the Christian blogs that I sample show a regret on the part of the writer that he/she does not give a testimony often enough. They believe that they lack the boldness or that they do not seem to find the time.

This restlessness to be “doing something for the Lord” is not His plan.

I know a man who goes every Thursday noon hour to the same street corner near the City Hall to distribute Gospel tracts to complete strangers. That is ‘his thing”. I don’t believe that it is for me, although I spent an entire summer with a friend doing the same on Wednesday evenings. It seemed that we were more of a bother than a help. Some would smile acknowledging that our hearts were right in the venture. Some were irritated, but that was really with God and His Word and not with us. Friends have told me that the word of God never comes back void. Yeah, that is in Isaiah 55.

What if we were to regard witnessing for Christ as if it were bird-watching in the bush? I do some of that with great pleasure. The fresh air, the sun, the sounds and the exciting prospect of a discovery. If I come across an interesting specimen, I make the most of the moment and delve into the details. If the feathered guy sticks around we have a little exchange, and together enjoy God’s creation and our harmony in it. If I come up against one that seems to have me stumped, I refer to the Guidebook on Birds.

I am in no way minimalizing here any of the people I might meet with a possible word of witness for Jesus. I respect them and their experience of life. I am simply suggesting the sense of adventure, freshness and spontaneity of it all. Jesus walked this way throughout Galilee.

He said in Acts One that we were to be ‘witnesses unto Him’ in all places. That involves more than the speaking of portions of scripture or the handing out of literature. It is you, the total package, a living epistle for the Lord, saturated in His ethic, wafting His aroma, and apparently enjoying it. Savvy?


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