How your sunshine
Has left our assemblies!
We search the aisles
For your footprint.
We sing innovation
You do not hear.
We ration truth tid-bits
Redemption just a word.
Once holy instruments
Now just so much brass.
Our elders silenced
In embarrassment.
Our children laid up
On altars of Hollywood
And Little League.
Our time portioned
These bellies ache
For real bread
Gospel power
Seconded to current events
And candied treats.
Jesus have you left us?
For good?
Do you hear the heathen
Mocking beyond our doors?
Planning the foreclosure
Of the message first,
Then the building.
Will you break us
Beyond recovery?
Or just to
Point of correction?
Some cry out
For this crisis.
Branded “Jeremiah’s”,
Traitors to numbers
Budget and success.
But you are in their voice, Lord.
You are not at the party.

3 thoughts on “Lamentations

  1. He’s just watching His children slip again… with a lament in His being over our stiff necks. Awesome, Doug. That will make you think. “Planning the foreclosure of the Message first…” Indeed.

  2. Thanks Floyd. In reading Jeremiah and Lamentations recently I couldn’t overlook the parallels between the two prophets, Jeremiah and Jesus. Both were called traitors to the national/temple well-being. Both were taken down into the pit. Both wept bitterly over the state of Jerusalem. Both came through the knothole (“overcomers”). People may read this poem and consider my You Tube video “Not a Churchgoer: Doug Blair Reads” and conclude that I am doing nothing to alleviate the problem. Let them.

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