The Bag-Slammer

How could she have said it?
I don’t understand.
(I loved every minute
The choir and the band
The preacher’s key message
It touched where I live.
The kids all a-smiling.
A chance just to give.
A real sense of welcome
Albeit a rush.
A prayer on essentials
A tear in the hush.
I plan to be faithful
To program like this.
But then came some woman
Confounding my bliss.)

“I hope that you felt Him,
The Spirit I mean
He draws to the Saviour
He makes the wretch clean.
He sings of a rescue
You need it, you know.
Don’t talk of improvement
Don’t think you will grow.
There must come a breaking
My dear, even you.
That Spirit’s persistent
He’ll see the thing through
And chisel you down
Making room for our Christ
And then comes the feast, child;
The pearl of great price.”

I cringed at her comments;
Perhaps she was wrong?
My fist full of questions.
The woman was gone.

Note: In business a mentor once told me that a time comes to stop haggling and slam the briefcase closed and head for the door. Any further exchange would only cheapen the offer.


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