The Bag-Slammer


How could she have said it?
I don’t understand.
(I loved every minute
The choir and the band
The preacher’s key message
It touched where I live.
The kids all a-smiling.
A chance just to give.
A real sense of welcome
Albeit a rush.
A prayer on essentials
A tear in the hush.
I plan to be faithful
To program like this.
But then came some woman
Confounding my bliss.)

“I hope that you felt Him,
The Spirit I mean
He draws to the Saviour
He makes the wretch clean.
He sings of a rescue
You need it, you know.
Don’t talk of improvement
Don’t think you will grow.
There must come a breaking
My dear, even you.
That Spirit’s persistent
He’ll see the thing through
And chisel you down
Making room for our Christ
And then comes the feast, child;
The pearl of great price.”

I cringed at her comments;
Perhaps she was wrong?
My fist full of questions.
The woman was gone.

Note: In business a mentor once told me that a time comes to stop haggling and slam the briefcase closed and head for the door. Any further exchange would only cheapen the offer. And here we are talking about the great opportunity of repentance unto Life. (Acts 11)

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