The Tonic of Worship

It was 1987. I had closed down a business and moved to a different community in a most inglorious fashion. Broke. New baby boy. Seven year old daughter. No benefits. No cushion. Estranged from most friends. Huddling in hope with my dear wife.

We heard that a small Pentecostal church in Kitchener was hosting the praise ministry of John Starnes. We remembered his wonderful tenor voice from the moving Jimmy Swaggart Gospel crusades of the past. (That ministry was just about to go through the ringer of scandal.) We visited the Sunday evening service. It was crowded. Got us card table chairs at the back.

John began to sing, and before long he came to one of my favourites. I broke down immediately. It was as strong as if Jesus had come alongside and placed his carpenter’s hands on my shoulders. Again He was “fixing”. I will never forget it. Later we had a delightful talk with John. I understand that these days he is going to many prisons. Presenting a compelling introduction to honest Bible study. The in-mates are his newfound joy.

If you are in a quandary. Without friends. Cash-strapped. Fretting. Wondering if your first-love in the faith has abandoned your heart. Wondering if God has chosen to be absent elsewhere.
Listen to this song:


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