Trouble and Tears in Luke 7

Painting by James Tissot

Trouble and Tears in Luke 7

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3 thoughts on “Trouble and Tears in Luke 7

  1. I noticed, maybe again, but in a more profound way, that Christ didn’t just tell John’s disciples that He was the Messiah. That scripture doesn’t even record Him responding to them in words until after He showed them all the miracles. Typical lesson from Christ; Love in action. Thanks for the reminder, Doug. God’s Word is alive in us.

  2. Yessiree! Jesus knew that His cousin was reverently steeped in scripture and waiting for the One promised in Isaiah 35. There is an intimacy that grows between faith brothers/sisters as they assimilate more and more of the Word and Will of God. In our blog Tenth Beatitude check out the post “Good Business in a Boat”. The John the Baptist question was in fact the root theme of that blog.

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