Follow That Urge

He had footed the bill on our phone talk and it was probably a doozy. The man lives on the Atlantic seaboard, a truck driver, a poet and an incisive witness for Christ. I encountered his writings on a writer’s forum and found them exceptional with many an interjection of the Holy Ghost. Speaking the truth in love, and sometimes hard truth. I will forward him this post with the invitation to contribute (with due credit given on any of my blogs) as he is moved. He seems to find the most interesting ways in his travels to stop people in their hum-drum tracks and to give them a provocative verse or two.

He called another time and got to speak to my wife. I was out that night.

Finally tonight I returned the call; I responded to that little voice inside that said DO IT. DO IT NOW! The man picked up his cell phone from a hospital bed! A recurring condition that needed some serious attention. We proceeded to have a really blessed talk, full of insight, experiences and encouragement. We were foot washing by phone (John 13). We have never met face to face, but we have engaged in an opening up and a transparency one with the other, of the sort that is very rare between men. He the trucker, and I the steel factory shipper-receiver.

I link here an ebook that I passed on to him of particular interest to men/women of the road.


2 thoughts on “Follow That Urge

  1. The timing of your call was the Lord’s doing, you could not have found me in a more vulnerable state as I was in great pain. The pain itself was cause for rejoicing for it was something that I could bear well and honor The Lord by offering it up as suffering for sinner’s as myself everywhere. Those who have no one to pray for them, those who have been forgotten, those who have not yet come into relationship with Jesus. Surgery went well and I am blessed to be recovering fine. The Lord once whispered to me “be prepared” and I was…for anything. Now, because of a brother and a friend even more so…AMEN?!

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