Lamentations and Everyman’s Struggle

The song says “His mercies,(compassions) never come to an end. They are new every morning. Great is thy faithfulness, oh Lord.” Most of the book of Lamentations is about the writer gaining revelation knowledge of this fact. Have we done this? Stopped the weighing of pros and cons on the scales of logic? And stepped over into the incontrovertible Fact of His constancy. The devil is no match for that kind of assurance. The smoke screens of circumstances dissipate in the wind of the Spirit.

Hear what Samuel Rutherford (1637) says about the constancy of God and Christ:

If Christ were as I am, that time could work upon him to alter him, or that the morrow could bring a new day to him,or bring a new mind to him, as it is to me a new day, I could not keep a house or a covenant with him. Bit I find Christ to be Christ, and that he is far, far, even infinite heaven’s height above men; and that is all our happiness.

Sinners can do nothing but make wounds, that Christ may heal them; and make debts, that he may pay them; and make falls, that he may raise them; and make deaths, that he may quicken them; and spin out and dig hells for themselves, that he may ransom them.

Now, I will bless the Lord that ever there was such a thing as the free grace of God, and a free ransom given for sold souls: Only, alas! Guiltiness maketh me ahamed to apply to Christ, and to think it pride in me to put out my unclean and withered hand to such a Saviour. But it is neither shame nor pride for a drowning man to swim to a rock, nor for a ship-broken soul to run himself ashore upon Christ.


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