So Full, Anthony, So Full

The following has been provided by Anthony Gomez of Moncks Corner, South Carolina. He has volunteered to share occasionally, and believe me, the images will bless.

“A Strong Delusion”
2 Thessalonians 2:11,12

It’s futile to think that garnering popular opinion, seeking consensus among peers shall be of any consequence overall. The approval sought after in polls, petitions, protests, stand-ins, tea parties, and such. Listen, satan will validate your stance and your parking voucher too.
Stand beside you and pump his fist, hold up a lit candle and sing Kumbaya with you, cheer you on… he’ll lead the wave. He will embolden you, he will incite you, he will encourage you to do unconscionable things you never before considered or wanted to. He will cloud your eyes from truth, instigate rebellion by influence, all the while twisting free will into subjugation as long as allowed to. Join his gang, his club, his lodge, wear his colors, come on board on an ill-fated ship. Have a sense of family, of belonging, the world loves it’s own.
“satan has a plot.”
“God has a plan.”
God sends you what you need, might be a can of sardines when you prayed for a steak but satisfying nonetheless. satan gives you what you want. At first glance it appears the same, until you twist the can open and out pop snakes. He will cause strife and division. He knows our weaknesses and attacks with laser targeting pinpoint precision. Muddle our minds with petty concerns given undue priority. Seek to redirect and distract us from a higher calling’s inheritance of authority. Without Jesus, it’s a snakebite without antidote. It’s a slow death by poison or at the end of a hangman’s noose.
Insidious and sly, the temptations dangled right before our eyes. Straight from hell, his touch akin to a molestation. At times, on a pulpit, even at an altar, into Judas at the last supper.
All the places we gather to seek after God, and HE is telling us constantly, through whomever is willing to serve, what lives in us has nothing to do with temples nor anything crafted by the hands of man, or the world.
But we must open our hearts and our eyes and let Him in. Allow Him to work in us, through us, and in Him, close our eyes and ears if necessary even to those whom we love. Those closest to us, who refuse to accept, whose hearts are hardened and grown deaf. We serve a jealous God and He is always first!
In order for internal combustion to take place, two most essential things are required… a spark and fuel. You can spin the crankshaft all day long , but without either your vehicle isn’t going anywhere.
We’ve been given instructions, we have received assignments, we are running behind for the Kingdom’s work. To which, by choice we are obliged.
“Family Comes First”
We love to throw this one around don’t we? But do we truly know the definition of “family” according to Jesus’ Word? Do we really live by it? Do we help to enable, or look the other way from those we know are doing wrong? Are we aiders and abettors? Do we try to lead them to Christ? And if they reject… move on… “shake the dust from off our sandals.”
There is a stranger to us somewhere actively seeking right this moment, the very same words that have fallen on deaf ears. Fervently seeking after hope, after a message, an encouragement, a promise, loving and kind. A teetering tottering mighty one whose legs are giving out and just needs a gentle nudge to rest on knees at the cross and discover a living Saviour. Such as these are our brothers, our sisters, longing to be awakened from slumber. They who “seek after the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.” They “who are called according to His purpose.”
This is the bottom line we loathe to easily accept. This is the Truth and not a lie. The reality of awakening one day to a loved one ‘gone’. Left behind alone while we have been taken up. Don’t we want them to come with us? “…and do not lean on your own understanding” but oh we do, we do, we do… so much. And what seems right in our own eyes by our own measure, by our own reasoning is not even close to Truth. Even though sometimes it sounds oh so good inside of our own heads.
Does anyone truly want to know where I’ve been? What was I rescued from? I’ve shown glimpses, but can you truly handle the nightmares some of us have lived? I’ve yet to encounter any who could handle the full account. The deprivation, the horrors… or can I just say to whom I am beholden? Jesus! By whom I was delivered? Jesus!
Above all
Above family
Above friend
Above spouse
Above comprehension
A name above all names
Holy and worthy to be praised
Thou art God alone!
Willing and able to listen
His hand on mine
the ink glistens
We move a pen!


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