Atrocity in the Blogger World

Set the Trumpet to Thy Mouth (book by David Wilkerson)

I have done the unthinkable in the Comments section of a particular blog.
Read it and assess:

XXXXX are you ready now for the cuff across the back of the head (your readers also)? You have admonished against covetousness. Fine. You have used a colourful little reminiscence (well written). The accolades in short bursts continue to cascade in. Where is the glory to Jesus in this flow. Let’s get on with another. I do like the fact that you filled in for a sister in the faith. There should be more “trespass/trust” like that onto another’s territory. Remember now Man, I love you in the Lord. Previous exchanges have confirmed kinship in heartbeat.

The mutual congratulation has gone ON AND ON over there to the point that it has become a real time waster. There is so much more edifying stuff concerning Jesus and our hope, and still to be examined. It gets down to the dilemma in most of today’s churches. Is it about fellowship and “Christian lifestyle” or is it about Messiah and our glorious indebtedness to him? Period. That indebtedness should emphasize the Great Commission, Worship and Intercession.

(Oh now Doug you are just being a stick-in-the-mud!)


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