Friendship, But Kicking and Swinging

Be It Resolved

Anthony and I were NOT hitting it off. The writing of one drew the attention and birthing appreciation of the other. But testosterone, profiling, shoulder chips and foregone conclusions were all problematic. Also the very male thing of trying to fix it with “helpful” candour, like a kick to the abdomen. Also the strange workings of the Holy Spirit.

Deep down each of us realized that this was not a very gracious way to speak out as writers for the King. We kept on coming back to each other’s postings and comments. The progression was something like ‘creative – curious – competitive – cautioning – caustic – convicted – conciliatory – comrades – collaborators’. Strange how men behave, when they are crying out for affirmation and friendship.

We exchange emails, talk by phone occasionally, pain and yearn and smile for some of the same things in and through the Lord Jesus. Sympathetic vibrations. We hope sincerely that the Church and inquiring and hurting and hopeful will be moved by the things shared here. Brothers are now pulling the oars together! Workable clay for the Potter’s hands.

Galatians 6: 2

(As Doug Blair sees it.)

Yeahh, Fahshoor

It’s very simple…I consciously did the unconscionable I broke some rules…persecuted Doug because it seemed to me that for all his fervor, frustration led to pushing. The problem with fighting unseen battles alone is this…when the reinforcements arrive you’re still swinging or firing at anything that moves.

“Doesn’t anyone see what I see, hear what I hear?”

I shook Doug’s tree and it greatly grieved me to do so, to the point of tears and long, long discussions with the Lord. But I was hoping in something I could not understand, believing…”all things work together for Good to those who love The Lord, those called according to His purpose.

I knew Doug was exceptional and had a “calling”, but his stance when challenged was defensive and self righteously indignant.

I’ve experienced this so often the drawing near to, only to find it’s all fake…”fool’s gold.”

The truth is friend Doug…I was never angry with you in the least, I just wanted to see if you could help to guide me to The “Feast”.

And you already have without knowing it. I know that many watching on that particular writer’s site were judging me cruel, disrespectful, insensitive “a bully” as they are now once again…those are not the voices I listen to…The Voice which I have heard clearly, I allow to guide me.

I was given this direct commission “be gentle with my sheep” and it would seem I’ve betrayed that, the Truth is… those I had come into conflict with in earnest and not as a test,

were not among His sheep, not in the least.

What’s a couple of black eyes between brothers 7×70 times, 7×70 times!

Now go into a little corner all by yourself cry and smile and thank God Whom teaches us how to forgive and LOVE.

(As Anthony Gomez sees it.)

( I’m the one on the right, Doug’s the one on the left! )



4 thoughts on “Friendship, But Kicking and Swinging

    • I’ve lost track, maybe near to a coupla’ a years? Aside from recallin’ whuppin’ im like a red headed step child the rest has been a blur…but he’d tell ya’ a dif’rent version I reckon? I think we wuz’ tanglin’ like this since before either o’ us wuz born (seems like any who?)?!

  1. First contact was on another Christian site for writers in February 2013. Anthony was administrator of the Poetry section. My first contribution there was “Most Marvelous Name”. He knew right away that he had found somebody to abuse. Yuk. yuk. The epoxy of friendship was well in place by September…and I am thankful. DB

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