Inkhorn (Ezekiel 9)

It’s a hard challenge
Dressed in fresh linen
Given the quill of an inkhorn to write
Notes of forgiveness
Mark contrite foreheads
Those who will mourn
For God’s glory, and fight.

Words have been given
Fresh from His altar
Holding the fear of God high as a sign
Many so blunted
And feted in excess
Missing that crucial mark
“Child thou art Mine.”

Others will follow
The inkhorn with vengeance
Slaughter of deadened hearts turned from the Lord
Long lost the life
Of fresh wonder in childhood
Nothing left now but the
Shame and the sword.

Writer, you shiver
When seized with the vision
Perverts who feast on the swine and the mouse (Isaiah 66:17)
Instrument dreadful
Delivering the faithful
Charging the fools
Who will sport in God’s House.

Matthew 16: 19

Note: This is why we weep! We know that our linen has stains. But we have visited near His Altar; we have seen of the Glory (beggars that we are). The inkhorn and quill appear in our hands. Who put that there?. The terrible sense of burden comes when we realize that so very few have “eyes to see”, or even care. They are all about appearances. Appearances will be damned! And then we weep and it is about holy awe and thanksgiving and compassion, things that are not ours, but our Master’s; and we are in Him.


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