Renal Failure

Took a session
Again this morning
Twice weekly.
Have to do it, they say
Or I die
Used to think I was made
Of pretty good stuff.
Shakes you up to realize
All is not well inside
And critically so.
Really has put a kink in my life.
But I put in the time
Let my mind wander
To other topics
Or just “veg”.
Read a little something.
Seems to help and refresh
In a strange sort of way.
Sometimes even get to meet
An interesting new face.
And it doesn’t go on for ever
See, it’s already time to wrap up.
Just let a few of these people
Go on ahead of me
And then I’ll be at the front door…
“Oh Father Evans
Good to see you
Really enjoyed your homily
This morning.”
(Shake the bloke’s hand.
Down the steps and home safe.
Until next time
St. Anthony’s.)


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