Our Champion Needs Not Our Defense

put away the gloves

A very moving Gospel music video has comments following from an atheist who seems disgusted with it all.

His god is science and logic – much more enlightened he thinks. ‘Religion just causes division and wars.’ The Churchy bunch respond with their missiles of scripture and the warning that the “guy had better get right with God while there is still time. How dare he make light of our Saviour’s anguish, humiliation, blood and incomparable offer!”

That is just so much a waste of time and good Word.

Then comes the following comment:

Let’s stop the fight here. The Gospel needs not a single servant’s “noble” defense. We just need to live it. Until a skeptic is GIVEN eyes to see and a humbling revelation of need, the speeches are premature. We simply pray.

A person who is seated with Christ Jesus in Heavenly places (Ephesians 1) does not enter the ring. That only weakens things. He must simply serve, sympathize and be ready to give an answer to the man/woman who asks.


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