Lonely in a Crowd!


A woman blogger writes that she is lonely and craves stimulating female Christian fellowship at Church. Too many plastic smiles. Too rushed an order of service. Too much other duty on Sunday. Too much pride and feigned victory talk among the daughters of Zion. What to do?

Back comes a comment of some interest:

Society is too rushed. Church is too rushed. We convince ourselves that the unimportant is pressing! What if a group of women said after all the handshaking on Sunday morning “We are not going home. We are going down to the parlour. No refreshments, so put away your fork. We are going to open with a passage and  prayer (which will be communal and around the room), and then we are going to invite testimonies. Pain? Victory? Difficulty? Awakening on a scriptural truth? Time for transparency and truth girls.”

And then there will be more prayer on specifics, and perhaps a couple of informal praise choruses and hugs to close.

Forget the big Sunday dinner. Read Isaiah 58 and consider the parameters of HIS SABBATH. You just watch the gleeful and relieved response. At last FAMILY that is more than skin deep!

(Note: This thing would probably start slowly. So did the feeding of the 5000…)


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