It’s My River

thread of fertility, God-given

My river is mine own and I have made it for myself (Ezekiel 29:3)

How ridiculous the prophet thinks. A man in Egypt, Pharaoh a supposed god-king. He is attributing all of his glory and success to his own doing. He, like the fabulous Nile beside him, alone is worthy of worship and credit. He is the only god or arbiter of record! And he is about to be immeasurably humbled by the God of angel armies.

This Egypt and its attitude had been a stumbling block repeatedly for the children of Abraham. When facing an adversary the cry had been issued to “go back to Egypt” for reinforcements. God through other spokesmen had insisted that such unbelief would only strengthen the enemy against them.

We stumble today with the same pride and false hope: “Yep, all of this good fortune has come about because of MY good work ethic and MY nose to the grindstone. Difficult for a while, but then the sunshine came through gloriously. I have lived by this rule of thumb.”

Friend you have lived in ignorance listening to the spirit of the world (1 John 2: 15-18). A merciful God may put you flat on your back for  a while; to realize your true source and Providence.

The Church would do well to preach Providence and Sovereignty at least as much as it preaches faith, miracles and “successful” Christian living.

And over here in Canada it is Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend. Get the picture?


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