Does God Heal?


Through all the means of medicine and encouragement God does heal. It seems that we are too quick to jump to the supernatural.

But it is without question that the Bible is full of healing promises. The Lord expects us to lean upon them persistently and heroically in the stamina of the Spirit.

His “best answer” comes in one of the following 3 ways:

1. An immediate, miraculous healing of the body, mind, emotions.

2. A healing after the appropriate time of “ripening”.

3. He tosses the “omniscient coin” to determine the “best answer”; whether to deliver/heal or to bestow growth in the submissive servant spirit.

We must remember that it will be His best answer. He is not simply the delivery boy. Sorry Word of Faith bunch.

(Remember that we do not know how many people Jesus passed by before getting to the healing candidates recorded in the Gospels.)


One thought on “Does God Heal?

  1. Well said Doug … our lives are in His hands, He is the Potter, we do not know how we appear to Him upon the Potter’s wheel and when and if the flaws will be mended this side of Jordan (physically, emotionally, mentally). All for the glory of God.

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