Clashing Concluded

School of snappy answers

Diploma on the wall

No one gets the better

When my rancour is on call.

Argument I master

Ridicule a pro

Just how bad they get to look

They really just don’t know.

Hence I get a hearing

Hence my views prevail

Arguers all receive a dose

And quickly they turn tail.

But I seem so tired

Fight has lost its thrill

Haven’t liked this in myself

No, and never will.

What a reputation

“Don’t cross swords with him.”

Oh to find some peace,

Accord and gentleness within.

Christ I hear you calling

Sermon on the HIll

Strange contentment beckons me

Can I change; I will.


4 thoughts on “Clashing Concluded

  1. Totally unbelievable, contrived and inconceivable…Tom Cruise as a Samurai, C’mon give me a break !!
    Oh, the message powerful and thought provoking no doubt !
    You know I love ya’ but i’m no fan of Tom Cruise!

  2. Yeah, he was definitely the main feature of the film!
    Great performance.
    I recently rented “oblivion” and I fell asleep about 15 minutes into it.

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