It All Joins Up

A blogging friend is posting on the inerrancy of scripture and the reliable chain of connection in passing on earliest documents; the accuracy of the copyists; the steadfast control of the Holy Spirit who inspired the records in the first place (2 Peter 1: 20, 21).

I threw in the following comment:

Ladd…Irenaeus…Now you got me thinking. He heard from Polycarp; who heard from John the Beloved. He really pressed for sola scriptura. He also examined the End Times scenario in a way that we might suspect only came about in the early 1900′s. Not so. He examined a literal Anti-Christ, a literal “666″ and a literal Millenial Reign on earth. So we must see that from earliest days it was considered that the Revelation was not a bad dream on John’s part after indigestion.


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