A Now Word

The now word

You can have it

For things that trouble you

A beam of light

Takes past the rocks

Your ship has made it through.

And you have found

Your help in words

That built the Ark of old

That moved the sea

As Pharaoh fell

That sang Psalms in the fold.

That sent the slipping


And brought them back with joy

That built again

The walls of faith

And sword and trowel employed.

And better still

The promised thrill

That Heaven would come down

And visit

Through a Virgin’s pangs

In waiting David’s Town.

His path would heal

His hopes would soothe

His exit conquered death.

We’ll praise His power

In this “now” hour

And long as we have breath.


3 thoughts on “A Now Word

  1. Funny…Liana. I was at a breakfast function this morning. Could not really engage with others until I had penned these lines on a sheet of paper. Given to me literally on the drive over. No art here, no struggle. Simply a messenger boy. Perhaps you have heard prophetic/apostolic ministries that claim to have “a word for this hour for the Body of Christ”. That which follows is usually as boiler-plate as the newspaper’s horoscopes. Beware, and stick with the litmus test of the Living Word (John 1).

    1. Need me a concordance/dictionary as my constant companion for communicating with you Doug … such intense conversations; but I love them and am learning well! 🙂 So love when the Lord impresses words upon our hearts that have to be captured and surrendered to paper before lost … right now … not later. So special … precious times with our Lord and Saviour.

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