Dry Hiatus

Nothing to say

And I know it;

Why should I

Take pen to hand?

Well seems quite dry

And my Father

Holds back the flow

O’er my land.

He would now

Have me to listen

He would now

Have me be still.

No sense in

Jangling stanzas

Missing His heart

Or His will.

Times such as these

Come to children

Getting “too big”

For their place

Getting too full

Of their own words.

Losing the rich

Sense of Grace.

Losing the low

Clinging posture.

Scarcely resorting to prayer.

I will shut up

For the moment;

Waiting to sense

“He is there.”


One thought on “Dry Hiatus

  1. now I shall be accused of plagiarism, three days ago I wrote something which I only titled yesterday entitled “medicine men” and it speaks of those “dry times” and how spiritual directors often resort to plagiarized material to deliver the weeks sermon. Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 08:38:58 +0000 To: gomezpopi@hotmail.com

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