Waves Get Nasty

Image by George Richardson

Is it that rough for you, Christian?

Can’t keep your feet on the ground?

Waves pound and noise seems horrific

Dreading the spray and the sound.

Yes now your sea is all boisterous

Can’t hear the call of the Lord

What’s that He said through the darkness?

Chilling the bone with one word:

“Come” you may walk o’er these waters.

“Come” just as you see me do

“Come” they’re all noise and commotion

Trust in my word and pass through.

I will be there on the billows

Waiting to meet you. Rejoice.

Nothing can foil my agenda

If you will just heed my voice.

And you know surely you heard it

Right before waves brought the fear

Trust in my word, don’t desert it

Miracle ground is found here.



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