And Still It Burned

The Temple had been desecrated by the Syrian enemies of the children of Abraham. Breakage. Obscene graffiti. Swine’s blood splattered everywhere. Jerusalem hung its head in shame.

But up in the hills the brothers Maccabee were planning their revolt (166-165 B. C.). And down they came like thunder. A complete overthrow, and many days securing their position and cleaning up the mess.

Then it was time to celebrate in the restored Temple; but only enough oil to last for one day, or so they thought. Imagine the surprise of the patriots when their menorah burned for 8 straight days supernaturally!

This wonderful story of Jewish victory is the focus of the novel My Glorious Brothers by Howard Fast. Lots of adventure and stupendous heroes not given much attention by the Christian crowd.

Happy Chanukkah.


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