How Can You Refuse?

thank you, hank williams

In our sidebar you will find a link to the video song “How Can You Refuse Him Now?”

The piano notes are almost child-like; the woman’s voice unflattering. But the simplicity of the call cannot be denied.

Scenes from Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of the Christ flash before the eyes. A Mother’s pride. A man’s Man. A friend of compassion. A teacher of conviction. A Victor in prayer. A bloodied victim of fear, unbelief and power games of men.

Many have told me that they found the film much too bloodthirsty. It’s true. But it gives rise to the question “Did He volunteer Himself unto something that horrid?” And the consequent questions “Are the Christ-less that bad?” and “What is the value of that blood?”

Our human spirit chafes in shock and in wonder that a man with blood coursing through His veins could endure such shame and excruciating pain, and still forgive, and still plead for the lives of His tormenters.

The scenes demand a visceral response. They  scream out for a commitment. The gift through suffering is unimaginable. And it was all freely offered. Purchased the common share of men’s suffering, sorrow and guilt. With eternal life as the dividend.


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