Comfort Ye My People: Handel

Four  hundred years of waiting

Or roughly we are told

From Law to Grace

A painful space

Of darkness, doubt and cold.

Of rogues who spoiled the Temple

Of heroes from the hills

Of Feast of Lights

Eight splendid nights

The Lampstand Heaven fills.

But still they probe

Through darkness

The Promise yet to come

A people chained,

Abused and shamed

So different, doubted, numb.

A priest declares a vision

A son to him is born

A Messenger expected

Before Salvation’s Horn.

Poetic is this outburst

And struggling hopes run high.

“The Morning is a-coming

The Dayspring; He draws nigh!”

Luke 1: 59-80

Isaiah 40: 1-5

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5 thoughts on “Comfort Ye My People: Handel

    1. Liana, the “comfort ye” portion of the Messiah is hauntingly beautiful. So many years waiting for deliverance; a people reminded in bitterness of their betrayals of the One True God. And yet He remains faithful as the Answer travels by donkey to Bethlehem. And this Answer brings retribution, elevation and correction.

  1. The melody of love … oh! to have witnessed the spiritual angelic choir surrounding that journey of life, the journey of Life. Today that joy sings in our ever thankful and praising hearts.

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