Dollar and a Quarter

Hilary and I were in a dollar store. Amazing deals mostly from overseas. She was all excited about some pretty dishware. I wandered. Went over to the small book section of the store. There I found some Bibles, paperback quality. But upon further examination I got a surprise.

I discovered a box of pocket New Testaments about three inches by four. Stiff jackets, various colours, KJV version, Christ’s word in red, choice of typeset very easy to read although small. Ribbon bookmark found at Luke chapter 20. Years ago I had lost a nice mini-Bible while spending a Sunday¬†afternoon in study at Waterloo University. Some student must have inherited it as a “Godsend”.

But now the score was settled, and all for a dollar and a quarter. “Printed in China”.

Brings many things to mind. There is revival momentum happening over there and handy little Bibles like this one will equip an Army. They know they are an Army. They know there is a war. I spoke once to a student who told me of the tremendous open door accomplished during the Beijing Olympics. Open air preaching and study and networking allowed without hitch, because the rest of the world was there. House churches are alive and well. Testimonies are everywhere. And swarms of Bibles not readily noticed.

Out of their largesse the Chinese package up quantities, ship them to the West, and make some kind of return. Ultimate retail here in Canada as above-mentioned. Meanwhile the average paperback of fiction sells for $11.99!

The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ*. And the box of gems appeared not to have gotten many takers here at Dollar Tree*.

This is the famine of hearing of the words of God (Amos 8: 11). Pre-occupation. A matter of disinterest. Certainly not of shortness of supply.

(*Not the New Testament of Successful Decent Living.)


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