Pierre Vivantes/Living Stones

dave and judy wastle

I was flipping through used books at the Telize second-hand store.

A middle-aged couple had been doing the same before I got there. We danced around each other’s efforts at the shelves until we finally connected at the Inspirational section. Pleasant talk and introductions.

They were Dave and Judy Wastle, missionaries in southern France. They were home with family for the Holidays. Sponsored in part by Don Valley Bible Chapel.

See the site:




I suggested that it was likely they were up against the challenge of traditional church formalism. They said that it had become much more a battle against all forms of godlessness in Europe, but that they were encouraged by developments, and happy to refresh the missionaries at their retreat/s. This may not be a missions effort in the arid deserts of Africa, but it is ministering to a “desert” lacking vital faith in souls equally precious. (Romans 10: 14, 15)

About fifteen minutes later we wished each other Godspeed. Happy “foot-washing” among the bargain-hunters (John 13: 14).

David &  Judy Wastle
Le Vieux Village
04200 Entrepierres
04 92 32 56  59


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