*Take a Hike!

No let me change that. Take a trip. The Way. Through mountains, meditation, nationalities, naturalities, moments and memories. See how a Father and Son remain, and how others might just join the family:

One of the best films I have ever experienced about the Human Family under God and His ubiquitous Cross. I didn’t watch it. I EXPERIENCED IT. Ashes, grasses, mountain passes, peoples, marches, steeples, nothingness, everything, loyalties, incense, repentance, Providence and coastal GLORY.

Forty days for the shooting of this film. Often a Biblical time-frame for the processing of great revelation!

Do yourself a favour…very early in 2014.

(* lose your self-importance and join in.)


2 thoughts on “*Take a Hike!

  1. There’s a song when the 4 are starting to warm up as a team and a woman sings of the blessings of being lost in our own insignificance when the lights start to come on about the depth and diversity of the human community, and God behind it all. You sense that the image of the Cross is everywhere in the film…watching over, guiding, comforting, drawing. My throat caught at the image of the big censor of incense swinging back and forth in the cathedral at road’s end, and of course at the final booming sea with the last of the ashes deposited. Excellent!

    Once, on an overcast day, I stood by the big waves on rock at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. This is another end-of -pilgrimage for many, as the Celtic music and ancient fishing dories take one way back.

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