Dead Zone

Nothing thrives there

Spreads skyward

Basked in clean air

Grows pure and true.

Nothing, I swear to you.

For all is cursed

A great upset

Rebellion’s throes

We’re feeling yet

In every crop and child

A place gone wild.

Though once delighting

God and Man

Dominion planned

For Adam’s race.

And he so near to Heaven’s face.

Would he obey

A simple law

Disdain the curs-ed fruit?

But no, the snake

Prevailed, corruption’s root

Released into the Dead Zone.

And God could only

Watch the man choose ill

In his “free” will.

The Fallout all around

Despoiling air and ground

And all he’d ruled.

Forever fooled by pride’s dark play.

And so it weeps today

And sick ones and oppressed

And starving, and all the rest

Call Adam’s lot their own.

But some have heard

That Rescue has a wondrous plan

To heal the rift ‘twixt God and man.

That Christ prepares a Realm

Where mercy’s purchase

Heals all things

And joyful restitution sings

Messiah at the helm.

Acts 3: 19-21



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