Strange it may sound

In a world full of striving

“Yes, look at me.

I have gained and will be

Noticed of men

At the top of the ladder.

Do what it takes

And admirers will see.”

Yet there’s a place

To discard all pretention

Breathe ever freely

Released from sin’s thrall.

Mountain or forest

Or sea coast all glorious

Showing God’s grandeur

For there, I am small.

Small, and so thankful

That He knows my journey.

Small, and in wonder

That He has my back.

Small, there’s a comfort

In trusting and leaning

Safe from the arrows

Of Evil’s attack.

But does He fathom

My daily dilemmas?

But does He know

The hurts people will bring?

That’s when my eyes turn

To Christ ‘neath the Olives

Begging for rescue;

Of Him will I sing.

Gethsemane: Olive Press

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