Often she was posted at the residence recreation room, playing Scrabble on the computer. A Senior who did battle with confusion and/or boredom by jousting with words. Hands remarkably twisted by arthritis. Had her own technique with the “mouse”. Smiles easily coming to that wise old face.

She never made it to any of the Home’s chapel services as I recall. But there was one time when the meeting had to be transferred to the rec room because of a program conflict. She kept on clacking at the computer, but I think that “the ears were big” as we sang and considered a few of the scriptures together.

If on any other day of the week I would find her at “her station” I would try to engage in some conversation. (These elderly are almost desperate for someone to get in their face and talk and laugh.) I told her how I also enjoyed Scrabble. She had had someone swipe her program CD and she was just a little bit miffed. She suspected a younger resident who had proved to be a bit of a pack-rat (bless his heart).

It was an easy thing for me to bring from home my Scrabble program disk for her. (Had burned another copy anyway.) You would have thought that it was gold. The Word saga continued. How easy it can prove to bless someone by getting into their space and affirming. I got smiles easily after that.

I also put a special link on that computer in order for Mavis to access a site. Put her name on the “Bookmarks” list. Wonder if she ever did? She certainly was proficient enough at the terminal.

Yesterday I was involved in program over there (happens only about 3 or 4 times a month); and I remarked to a staffer that I hadn’t seen Mavis for a while.

“Oh she died Sir. Quite suddenly and without much struggle. Probably was a blessing”.

I wonder whether Scrabble had taught Mavis something about Grace?

Sometimes I liken the residence to a dignified bus terminal. Sitting together. Getting into each other’s clouding zones. Reading. Chatting. Waiting for the loud speaker to announce the next departure. Perhaps adding a friendly “bon voyage”.

Russell (the blind champion), Richard (the playful rascal who knew his Gospel)…and now Mavis.


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