Some Fresh Air and a Walk


5 thoughts on “Some Fresh Air and a Walk

  1. Took a walk today…habitat for humanity etc.
    Degenerative disc disease, herniated disc(3), sciatica, double knee surgery for torn meniscus cartilage, shall I go on.
    And I don’t want tea that bad, I got dizzy just looking, excuse me I must go clean up now and change my under-garments and pants!

    1. Laundry problem on a ledge! In Toronto these days they have a similar sky walk at the top of the CN Tower. Yeah go ahead , scare me, or perhaps let’s throw a wedding up there, etc. Fasten your fall restraints Buster!

  2. Unbelievably unbelievable … imagine those who placed those planks and surprise at the end there ????? I have enough trouble with shopping centre escalators (serious, not a phobia; a balance problem) … dizzy just isn’t a word that would describe the first 20 stairs, 10 even … let alone above and beyond. Thanks for sharing this Doug.

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