Pocket Testament

It was the winter of 1986. I was still practicing law in Chatham, ON. The Law Society had audited my books and found them sorely  behind in entries and reconciliation. They shut me down until fully corrected. Really juggling too many balls in the air. But no excuse.
After about ten days I had an appointment in Toronto for an update. I left early and watched a colourful rising sun as I was traveling eastward on Highway 401. I arrived early in the Big City and selected a Mall and food court for a coffee and muffin.
Out came my Pocket Testament. I turned at random to the beginning of Matthew 24. The disciples were commenting to Jesus about all the impressive buildings in Jerusalem. He cautioned them about how not a stone of the structures of proud men would be left standing. I took a strange comfort from that.
I made my way to the Headquarters of the Law Society in historic Osgoode Hall. Surprisingly, I was courteously received and the interview went well. Apparently no longer the bad delinquent. I got the green light again for my business.
Back on the street I was raring for a celebration. Got the idea to go to the broadcast headquarters of 100 Huntley Street, an inspirational Christian TV program. Still going today, but now operating out of Burlington.
Everywhere I went inside I was met with smiles. Receptionist. Secretaries. Janitors. Cafeteria staff. A man sitting at lunch waved me over to his table, with mine. There were two others with him. Again congeniality. Turned out he was one of the show interviewers and the guests were missionaries. I chatted with them for about 45 minutes.
At one point David Mainse, the pioneer evangelist of the show breezed by. Off to a meeting. All smiles and hope…in the everyday, just as appearing on the broadcast. Truly genuine.
Wow! What a turnaround for this day. And all started off with prayer and my little Pocket Testament. Handy. Provocative. Reminding. Rescuing.
About a year later the Banker shut down my business. (Or was it my own attitude toward the strife of advocacy?) I was 36. Twelve years into the profession. Oh well. Not that great a businessman, but I had the True Riches. (I’m smiling right now as I write this at beginning of workday at the steel fab factory. I am almost 63.)  January 8, 2014
2 Timothy 2: 24

One thought on “Pocket Testament

  1. Thanks for sharing Doug … we really do not need to worry do we! … We either believe or we don’t! … Oh! Lord may that truth, that reality that You really will never leave or forsake us, sink deeper and deeper into the love which you have placed in our hearts. In times of trouble may it rise and be released that we may have the peace that passes all understanding.

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