Blindness and Anger

I post the following to illustrate the handicaps of unbelief. It was a lengthy comment 0n You Tube from a viewer who had just watched the interview of D. Martyn Lloyd Jones, and whose world/ly view was upset by it. That’s good; getting upset is part of the process, and there is still hope while one breathes.


How Dame Joan kept from laughing right in this old fart’s face I’ll never know but not only is it clear she disagrees with him, she wants to take Jones to task. Unfortunately, Jones’s spiel is just as ridiculous and antiquated as MacArthur,Piper,Sproul et al: the world is progressing way too fast and we evangelicals can’t/won’t keep up. This interview happened 43 years ago when the world was radically changing. Civil rights, sexual politics,feminism, anti-war,race relations,music,pop culture, the list goes on.
So, of course, ask a dried-up old pensioner in 1970 what he thinks of the world, he’s going to adamantly oppose to pretty much everything. Also, did you hear the last bit about autonomy? According to Jones, Man shouldn’t have any as we should all just let god run the show. Ridiculous. It’s no wonder evangelicals are seen as jokes and a constant punchline. Belittling your fellow man for the sake of some stupid creaky book and a supposed god who only wants you dead if you don’t”repent”. It’s this incredibly myopic thinking that continues to make atheists hate your faith, all the more. Why should Man be UNDER anything, especially something that doesn’t truly exist? If anything, if god were real, s/he should be under US,as we created it and the bible.
Evangelism is just faith for people with zero self-esteem and a fear/unwillingness to think for themselves. This includes the so-called Doctor Jones. I’d only wished Bakewell pressed harder on certain question to, if nothing else, expose this tired old nebbish even moreso.

Note: In the words of the old Expositor being criticized “this is not a sickness, but a rebellion”.


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