Good for the Whole City

joyful attendees at Bonnke crusade

Go to Acts 13 and see the barebones of effective evangelism and preaching of the Good News.

In  Antioch the people sought the leading of the Spirit and laid hands on Barnabus and Saul for the equipment to be forthcoming for the First Missionary journey.

Upon their return from the circuit the two were most welcome in one of the local synogogues in Pisidia. We learn the following:

1. Assemblies must be open to the messages and exhortation of itinerant ministers.

2. The Good News progressed from the entire chain of revelation given to the Jews.

3. The Good News was intended to spread without regard to persons in including the Gentile masses.

4. The Law was only a device (a teacher) to show mortals their bankruptcy in reconciling themselves to holy God.

5. The believer was intended to wait for and beseech God’s gifts of repentance and faith.

6. Messiah was intended clearly to come through the lineage of King David, a man ‘after God’s own heart’.

7. The prophecies of Psalms 2 and 16 would come together in the Man Christ Jesus. His resurrection confirmed that He was the One, and that forgiveness and justification were now freely available through faith in His finished work.

8. Jesus as Sin Offering was entirely blameless, but fore-ordained by God’s love for humanity to pay sin’s penalty in death.

9. Listeners must all be warned of the insidious clutches of sin and fear of men, if they are to take hold of and retain God’s marvelous Gift.

This is the message that begets New Life. It has in it supernatural power. It goes well beyond anything to be hoped for in the clever devices of men, preachers and philosophy.

As one of the Minor Prophets has said “take with you words” (Hosea 14: 2). These Words.


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