Malachi 4

This is all I will say
For a little while
You will search but in vain
For my Man.
You will hear priests
Who mutter on trifles
You will draw clear away
From my Plan.
You will think I don’t hear
I don’t umpire
You will turn to the slick
You will busy yourselves
Gaining tinsel.
You will lose fear of Me
That’s for sure.
But I know there’s a remnant
Who hunger
To see righteousness
Cover the Earth
And they listen again
For Elijah
And an Age when my healing
Comes forth.
And for these I have nothing
But blessing
As they cleave to each statute
Each verse.
But the careless should look
For a planet
Where I visit and smite
With a curse.

Note: Isn’t it interesting that the last word in the Old Covenant is “curse”. And the memory of that prediction haunted the children of Abraham for about 430 years. I have gained a new respect for the fact that Malachi is less about tithing, healing and the arrival of John the Baptist; and more about the fear of the Lord.


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